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Wednesday, November 27, 2013                                                                   (520)270-2526

Beowulf Alley Theatre Company to Close in Downtown Tucson

(Tucson, AZ) Nov. 27, 2013--The Board of Directors for Beowulf Alley Theatre Company has announced that the theatre at 11 South 6th Ave will be closed, effective immediately.  The final performance of Savage Bond, by Steve Holiday, was held Nov. 24.  Performances that were scheduled for the remainder of the season have been cancelled, and subscribers will receive refunds for those shows.


In making the decision to close, Board President Michael Sultzbach said there were several factors, including declining revenue, difficulties with trying to maintain attendance during prolonged downtown construction and the property owner’s decision to repurpose the building.

“Performance quality has really improved over the past seasons, and our audiences appreciated the local productions we offered,”


Sultzbach said.  “The loss of Beowulf Alley Theatre in downtown Tucson is unfortunate as it provided a venue for nearby University of Arizona theatre students, local actors, directors, and production crews to produce quality community theatre that supported the mission to build a vibrant, downtown entertainment district.  It also provided a medium by which artists could hone their craft, and local playwrights could share their work.”


“We would like to publicly thank all of our patrons, volunteers, and extraordinary actors and crew that have given their time and energy over the last nine years,” Sultzbach added.


Beowulf Alley Theatre Company, a 501(C)(3) Arizona corporation, was formed on June 22, 2001 with a mission to create “a community of theatre.”  The company will continue in hiatus while it considers future opportunities.


There will be a public auction for the sale of theatre equipment, props, furnishings, office equipment, and other items held on Dec. 15.  For more information, visit